Race Hill Motors

An automotive repair company based in Cornwall that specialises in the repair of high-end vehicles. Race Hill Motors has become an accomplished competitor amongst similar businesses locally.


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Race Hill Motors Logo

Race Hill Motors Logo - White Text

Race Hill Motors Business Cards

Branded merchandise, signage and promotional 30 minute video showcasing Race Hill Motors services, skills and craftsmanship.

When providing a local service, not only is word of mouth key to building a successful brand but having an online presence to advertise the services available plays a large role in the marketing of the company. I designed and developed the Race Hill Motors website with keeping in mind to use lots of imagery to show transparency in their work. This is to help build trust amongst their customers.

Increasing awareness across the social media channels has proved instrumental to bringing in new customers. Creating regular posts using photos, videos and text campaigns has helped with the online growth of the company. Below are some short videos showcasing the work they do at RHM. Their Youtube channel can be viewed here and you can see some of the footage I have used when editing their videos.

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